Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy

PSEG Medford

3601 Horseblock Road
Medford, NY

Client: Axis Construction

Architect: Greenberg Farrow


Project consisted of installation of 21 Bloom Energy Natural Gas Clean Energy Servers installed in a new 3 story steel framed structure. With an aggressive schedule that began at the heat of the Covid-19 epidemic, with an extremely cautious safety plan in place and extensive collaboration the project was completed on schedule and all workers remained Covid-19 Free.


Our work included light gauge metal framing and sheathing, and hollow metal door frames, doors, and hardware enclosing the energy servers to protect them from the elements. 




312 Fifth Avenue, 4th Fl.

New York, NY  10001

Tel:   212.627.0500

Fax:  212.645.7150

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